About Company

Thailandsoft specializes in the development of websites and online services, catering to a wide range of organizations, including both private and government sectors, as well as non-profit organizations and charitable institutions. With over two decades of experience, Thailandsoft serves clients domestically and internationally.

Our team at Thailandsoft consists of skilled developers with expertise in various technological domains, including network architecture, programming, data analysis, cloud storage, and mobile device technologies.

Our core services include:

  1. Domain registration for websites, offering both Thai domain extensions such as .co.th, .ac.th, .or.th, and international extensions like .com, .net, .org.
  2. Web hosting services for diverse website needs.
  3. Customized website development tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.
  4. Mobile application development for iOS and Android platforms, ensuring compatibility across different devices.
  5. Creation of online systems customized for specific target audiences, such as examination reporting systems and cancer analysis reporting systems.

If your website or mobile application needs have not been met yet, feel free to reach out to us for consultation. We are committed to swiftly and efficiently turning your ideas into reality, adhering to global standards.

At Thailandsoft, we are dedicated to bringing your innovative ideas to life.

If you’re a software developer eager to collaborate with us, please send your introduction along with your details, portfolio, and experience to job@thailandsoft.com